The Obvious Topics podcast  |  Ricochet

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for July 18, it’s the abbreviated “Obvious Topics” edition of the show with your humble hosts (well, one of them is humble anyway) Todd Feinburg and Mike Stopa.

This week things seem to have calmed down just a little. The media has their “smoking gun” of Russian collusion and Nancy Pelosi has her dreams of eternal Obamacare come true.

Our only problem is that we brrrxxxxt ssss hav… mmmzzzsss tr—bl with the bukabukabuka transmission fro vvvvvvzzz the Land of the Rising Sun. So it’s a shorter show than usual this week.

We will be back next week with special guest host (three’s company!) Teri Christoph of Smart Girls fame! Looking forward to that!