The Public Pulse: Ashford has worked across party lines | Opinion

Voters continually call for politicians to reach across party lines to pass common-sense legislation. Brad Ashford is a strong Democrat with 100 percent ratings by the National Education Association, the Human Rights Campaign and Voices for Children in Nebraska.

He is not, however, beholden to special interest groups or national political parties. Ashford has demonstrated his commitment to serving the interests of Nebraskans, rather than conforming to voting guidelines laid out in Washington, D.C.

As a congressman, Ashford helped pave the way for a new VA medical facility by extending his hand to Republican members of Congress and Omaha donors.

To break the Washington gridlock, we need creativity and compromise. It will require bipartisanship. A look at Ashford’s voting record reveals his core principles, while his entire approach to government reveals his openness and ingenuity.

Harrison Kratochvil, Omaha