The Public Pulse: Rep. Bacon is focused on partisan agenda | Opinion

I reached a turning point as I sat in the Bennington Elementary School gym and listened to Rep. Don Bacon (“Bacon bombarded with voters’ concerns on health care, Russia,” May 15 World-Herald).

It is insulting to my intelligence every time someone says we are being hysterical about the Russian investigation.

I am not just reading “liberal” sources to get my information. I am scouring the news daily, seeking out the most unbiased, fact-based reporting, reading opinion articles all along the political spectrum and carefully weighing statements by principled men and women from all political leanings.

In addition, I am actively engaging in discussions with people who disagree with me, choosing to ask questions and listen rather than just argue.

I’ve been a Republican for all of my voting years, but I do not believe there is something about conservative political theory so precious that it warrants being complicit in supporting such a man as Donald Trump.

I question Bacon’s judgment as he seems to be so focused on a partisan agenda that he is not taking a step back to look at the bigger picture of the health of our country.

I believe in putting my country over my party, and I hope Bacon does, too.