Theresa May exclusive interview: ‘I’m not abandoning Thatcherism’

What is wrong with Mayism? When the Tory manifesto was revealed this week, commentators scrambled to declare it a new doctrine made in the image of Theresa May. 

Gone was the power of “untrammelled free markets” and “selfish individualism”, replaced by a more caring state that steps in to protect consumers and keeps wayward executives in check. 

Most political leaders would flattered to have an “ism” named after them, a title that suggests a coherent ideology and clear vision.

Yet no sooner had the idea been floated than its creator stepped in to end the excitement. “There is no Mayism,” the Prime Minister said.  “There is good, solid Conservatism.” 

Speaking to The Sunday Telegraph in her first full interview since the manifesto, Mrs May explained her disapproval of the phrase as she campaigned in Scotland. 

“I’ve always been a Conservative and what we are doing is in the mainstream of political…