Theresa May missed the ITV debate, yet still left her rivals looking like political pygmies

Television debates are often said to be a job interview to be Prime Minister, so it was bold of Theresa May – the post’s current occupant – to pass up ITV’s chance to debate her rivals on stage this evening. She won’t have much to worry about though, as none of the leaders she left in the studio are in any danger of becoming Prime Minister. 

They huffed and puffed though about her absence, as Leanne Wood looked down the camera – imagining that she was addressing Mrs May directly – to chide her for failing to show “real leadership” by joining her on stage. Paul Nuttall archly thanked those who had “bothered to turn up”, while Tim Farron insisted the Prime Minister had showed that she was “taking this election for granted”.

It was obvious why they were all disappointed. Mrs May’s absence meant the debate was nearly not worth watching. The accompanying decision by Jeremy Corbyn, the only other…