Time for a new party. Or twelve | News

Surely the time has come for a new political party. Come, weeping Remoaners and discontented Kippers, grieving Cameroons and moribund members of the Milifandom.

As the two main parties go rushing to the extremes, this great vast, mushy, liberal, Blairite, Cleggite centrist centreground in the centre has opened up. It is just begging for some bright young things with a social media account and some cool fonts to come rushing in and deliver unto a grateful nation the British Macron.

Who will lead this march of the middle? Who will call the masses from Waitrose and Center Parcs and their little holiday place in the Dordogne? Chuka Umunna is often mentioned. Perhaps George Osborne, Nick Clegg or Tony Blair, once the power to wipe the…