Time to move beyond carbon-based energy | Letters To Editor

Persistent ignorance and resistance to what fossil fuel consumption is contributing to climate change and concomitant health impacts is not politics but polemics.

There is room for political debate on what to do about climate change.

In this debilitating climate of political polarization, we should all be looking to the House of Representatives and the emergence of the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus. And, with so much of the debate about climate change and what to do fraught with anxiety about how it might affect our economy — nationally and individually — we might look further to the Carbon Fee & Dividend initiative promoted by the Citizens’ Climate Lobby. Until we put a legitimate price on our use of carbon-based energy, that energy will continue to sap the vitality of future economic growth and the creation of a clean-energy platform that will not just boost our portfolios but protect human health as a value-add.

Learn about Carbon Fee & Dividend. Think it through. Contact the president and say, “Let’s make a deal.”