Time to take a stand for Dixie | Opinion

After enduring three consecutive guest editorials in the Jacksonville Progress denouncing Southern/Confederate/American history, heritage and culture and calling for the removal of monuments it is time to take a stand for Dixie.

The knee-jerk reactions and political back-slapping in this current frenzy to lynch, take down, melt down, and in some cases reinterpret with political correct signage Confederate monuments across America are sad and sickening. In spite of decades of liberal media bias and an institutionalized educational system vilifying all aspects of Southern/Confederate history, poll after poll shows that the American public does not want the monuments to come down. Still governmental committees continue to vote for their removal and in some cases destruction. They literally come for these monuments like a thief in the night. Read Orwell’s 1984 “Who controls the past controls the future.”

Confederate monuments are really memorials. Thousands of Confederate soldiers did not return home and are buried in unmarked graves across the land. A saddened but still proud Southern people raised the funds to have these memorials erected to honor their sacrifice. In Cherokee County, the Confederate statue was erected in 1907. There were some citizens who made donations of literally their last nickel back when a nickel was worth something. The memorial is honored today.

These memorials are beautiful works of art and America’s visual landscape will certainly be bleaker once they are gone. The one hundred-eighteen year old Confederate memorial at Travis Park in San Antonio was recently removed against public opinion and under a cover of darkness. Destroying monuments is what the Taliban does. Is this who we are?

An act of Congress in 1958 declared Confederate veterans were American veterans and where entitled to all rights thereof. As an example, Confederate veterans are eligible for their graves to be identified with VA grave-markers. Confederate veterans are American veterans by law as well as in the hearts of millions. What is happening now in regard to Confederate memorials will effect what eventually happens to memorials of U.S. veterans. The political correct crowd is coming after the Founding Fathers and other historical figures of early America. After all, forty-one of the fifty-six signers of the Declaration of Independence were slave holders.

The precedent is being set. Once this sort of historical ignorance and disrespect is in play it keeps rolling down hill.

This biblical verse comes to mind. Proverbs 22:28 Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers set.

W. Scott Bell