Times of Malta ‒ Tiny political party told it cannot nominate candidates for more than two districts

Political parties may not field candidates in all electoral districts, the Electoral Commission said today, upholding a complaint by Patrijotti Maltin who are contesting the general election as a political party. 

The complaint was made against Alleanza Bidla after it fielded two candidates – Ivan Grech Mintoff and Joseph Giardina on 12 and 11 districts respectively. Saviour Xuereb was nominated on 10 districts.

The Electoral Commission initially accepted the nominations on Saturday.

Patrijotti secretary Norman Scicluna told the Times of Malta that the whole framework was designed for candidates contesting no more than two districts. As a result, in terms of the law, if a candidate was elected on two districts, he had to relinquish one. 

The law also states that one can object to a candidate’s nomination if that person had already presented nominations on two districts.

The commission ruled that Mr Grech Mintoff must contest the first and the 12th districts (because he nominated himself for those first).

Mr Gambina may contest the seventh and 12th districts and Saviour Xuereb may contest the sixth and 11th.