Tip of the iceberg – Vernon Morning Star

We on the right side of the political spectrum seldom speak up. Those on the left never shut up.

It’s depressing in the clear light of sobriety to witness this self-deprecating behaviour in this present world of opportunity.

But they’re there. They are the dirt of the earth ecologists. You’ve got to look this up yourself. In 1912, Stockholm, Sweden hosted the original earth summit.

An action plan filled with socialist nonsense — of major change that can come in small increments. It has to, otherwise people would revolt, even Canadians.

I invite all of our councillors and mayors of Vernon, Kelowna and every city in North America to answer just one question: What is the driving force for our community to build our roadways’s bike paths that are happening all over North America at the same time?

And this is only the tip of the agenda iceberg.

Gordon Thomas