To save the republic, take away Trump’s Twitter account

I follow the president.

This means that I receive his tweets when he tweets them. Which is all the time.

It’s a lot of stuff, may I say? He tweets as two people, first of all: Donald J. Trump and President Trump. Donald T. tweets more than President T., but often they tweet the same thing. Both are tweeting as the chief executive of the United States. It’s not as if Donald T. tells us personal things about his grandchildren and President T. tells us things about foreign policy. There is no serious distinction between the personal and the presidential accounts.

The president’s tweets range from defensive bullying and outright attacks on his detractors (recently “Cryin’ Chuck Schumer” and Sen. Richard “Cried like a baby” Blumenthal) to photos with teachers and police officers. His twitter habit may seem insignificant in comparison to his policy preferences, but it’s damaging the national discourse, to say the least, and the technology should be off-limits to him — as well as future presidents.