Western Balkans has always been very volatile – European Western Balkans

We spoke to Damjan Manchevski, Vice President of Macedonian SDSM. The issues discussed in the interview cover topics such as the new Macedonian Government, relations in the Western Balkans, security in the region, EU and NATO integrations.  Damjan Machevski; Photo: Manchevski’s Facebook Page European Western Balkans: When do you expect that the Government will be formed and […]

Iraqi comedian gets political

Ahmad Wahid, an Iraqi stand-up comedian, is seen in an undated picture.  (photo by Omar al-Jaffal) Iraqi comedian gets political Author: Omar al-Jaffal Posted May 26, 2017 Ahmad Wahid, one of Iraq’s first stand-up comedians, struck a chord over social media when he suggested, tongue in cheek, that a friendly security officer or a sheikh was much better […]

Top White House Lawyer Donald McGahn Sits At The Center Of Controversy

Four months into the Trump administration, the president’s lawyer needs a lawyer. Intensifying investigations into Russian interference in last year’s presidential election and ties between Russians and the Trump campaign have a lot of high-profile people in search of legal advice, if only out of an abundance of caution. And, two sources tell NPR, one […]

Facts to Know about The Washington Post Correspondent

Anne Gearan is one of the country’s premiere journalists and a veteran in political reporting. She makes guest appearances in numerous shows and provides insight into various issues in the nation’s capital. When it comes to talking about politics in Washington D.C., no panel is complete without Anne Gearan. The veteran journalist extensively covered the […]

NextStop Theatre presents ‘Urinetown’ | Articles

Theater enthusiasts have long been familiar with “Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind: 30 Plays in 60 Minutes,” the longest running show in Chicago and the only open-run Off-Off-Broadway show in New York. “The idea for the show is you have 30 pieces of paper upstage and on the front are numbers and […]

Journal apologizes for Black Lives Matter issue with no black writers

Talk about missing the point. An international journal devoted to politics and philosophy is apologizing for publishing an issue on the Black Lives Matter movement without a black author’s perspective, calling the glaring omission a “grave” oversight. Robert Goodin, editor of the Journal of Political Philosophy, posted an open letter to apologize on a philosophy […]