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Dick Gregory: The serious life of a humorist – Videos

June 25, 2017, 9:30 AM| The standup comic, whose acerbic wit and political topics helped break new ground in the 1950s and ’60s, used humor as part of his activism, and taught his children by his example on and off the stage. Erin Moriarty talks with Dick Gregory about how he used comedy to tell […]

Co-chair of Colorado Latino Forum blasts Denver Sheriff’s Department in strongly-worded letter

DENVER – The co-chair of a Latino advocacy group in Colorado is calling out the Denver Sheriff’s Department over discrimination, Latino representation within the agency and jail overcrowding and assaults that the group claims disproportionately impact the Latino community. In a strongly worded letter obtained by Denver7, Lisa Calderon, the co-chair of the Colorado Latino […]

City Council should be praised for its stand on climate change | Opinion Columns

I was disappointed by the Union-Bulletin’s editorial position on the Walla Walla City Council’s recent decision to reaffirm our community’s commitment to help solve the difficult problems of climate change, global warming and extreme weather volatility. There are two significant flaws in the Union-Bulletin’s reasoning. First, the editorial says the City Council should not take […]

In advance of her Free State Festival appearance, a Q&A with comedian and KU alumna Nikki Glaser /

Nikki Glaser’s come a long way from her days as a reluctant college student at the University of Kansas, where she’d procrastinate on assignments while juggling a part-time gig at Aladdin Cafe and launching a fledgling stand-up career in Kansas City comedy clubs. Eleven years after graduating with an English degree, Glaser’s back in Lawrence, […]

Trump and the GOP say the darndest things on health care

It worked so well that the not-so-innocent Bill Cosby brought “Kids Say the Darndest Things” back to network television for a brief run in the 1990s. I’d like to see a reboot of this concept, but instead of featuring children, the new version would focus on the gibberish that often comes from the mouths of our […]