Union donations should be banned: Nicholls

The Queensland opposition leader accuses the Labor government of tilting the playing field against other parties when it comes to banning political donations.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk introduced a bill to state parliament on Thursday to stop developer contributions.

It was one of 31 recommendations made by the Crime and Corruption Commission following its investigation into corruption at local government elections.

Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls says if developers are being banned then unions should be too.

“The playing field is quite clearly being tilted by Labor against any other parties,” he said on Friday.

“I think it’s wrong to exclude just one group of people from the ability to contribute to our democratic process.”

Mr Nicholls said Ms Palaszczuk had shown a “lack of leadership and commitment to transparency” by preferencing the unions over developers.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk still won’t hand back the more than $180,000 she got from the CFMEU and she still refuses to break the ties between the Labor government and the CFMEU,” he said.

The bill to ban developer donations will go through the committee process and is expected to go to a vote in parliament by November 27.

If it’s passed, the legislation will apply retrospectively from October 12, when the bill was introduced.