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Steve Hofmeyr Concert To Go Ahead: George Municipality Does U-Turn

After deciding to withdraw permission for controversial singer Steve Hofmeyr to perform at one of its venues, the George municipality on Friday made an about-turn and said Hofmeyr’s concert could go ahead, after his lawyers got involved. Hofmeyr had been adamant that he would not cancel the show at the city hall, after the municipality […]

Our view: Republican flap offers bigger lesson | Opinion

You won’t see Ray Weter’s name on the Republican ballot in the upcoming primary election. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the presiding commissioner isn’t running for reelection, and it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to vote for him in the general election. What it does mean is the Christian County Republic Central Committee has […]

OUR SAY: Inoculating councils from state and federal politics impossible

Removing the influence of state and federal politics from regional councils is a noble intention, but one that is unlikely to be achieved. There’s no doubt it’s much easier out past the sandstone curtain – but so much of what happens in Sydney and Canberra will still make its mark on us out here. Unfortunately the task […]

AAP, which set out to save India, is struggling to save itself now

Illustration by PealiDezine The foundation on which AAP was built has all but crumbled. And its promise of changing the system and saving India is now a fading memory. There is no precise, carbon-dated moment of the birth of the Aam Aadmi Party. Technically, it could be 4 August 2012 when its first founders announced […]

Pro-war huckster welcomed, while Iowa students turned away

Something doesn’t add up here. A group of Cornell College students said last month they were denied student organization status for a chapter of the young conservative group Turning Point USA. Now the college in Mount Vernon is announcing it will host conservative commentator William Kristol for a school-sponsored lecture later this month. The student […]

Corey Johnson's sister was afraid of brother; slept with pocketknife

In December of 2016, Corey Johnson's sister confided in her speechtherapist at Independence Middle School that she was worried about her brother,then attending Dwyer High School. According to a School District police report, the girl saidJohnson's extremist political views, negativity about other … Source

Jon Bon Jovi’s son helped lead a walkout at his N.J. school

It was a Saturday soon after 17 people were brutally killed in Parkland, Fla., when Jake Bongiovi and Rickey Eng saw plans on Instagram for a national student walkout.  The pair, both sophomores at The Pennington School, felt inspired by the movement that called for students to leave their schools in unison in support of government action to prevent school shootings. […]

At Congress Conclave, Political Roadmap, Attack On BJP Among Highlights

It was said at the plenary session that Congress will decide on the way forward for the next five years New Delhi:  The Congress is all set to unveil the party’s political roadmap and vision for the next five years at its two-day plenary session starting today in Delhi. The party will mainly focus on […]

Political stability vital for country’s progress: Salleh

KOTA BELUD (Bernama) – Political stability is an important prerequisite for a nation to continue to develop and remain competitive, said Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Dr Salleh Said Keruak. He said political stability would enable a country to remain peaceful and harmonious and allow the ruling government to focus on planning and implementing […]