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UM J-School Allegedly Denies Speaker for Political Reasons

Tan Curtis, Townsquare Media The University of Montana’s Journalism School is being accused of denying a speaker on religious and political grounds. The Cole Memorial Scholarship has been a regular feature at the J-School for more than a decade, but benefactor Maria Cole says that the speaker she invited for the tenth anniversary Jeff Cole […]

Residents divided over LGBT library display | News

It’s common for library bulletin boards to be filled with displays promoting various aspects of literature, but an LGBT display featured at the Temple Public Library this summer yielded polarizing reactions from the community. At Tuesday’s quarterly meeting of the library board, many residents shared their thoughts on the display. The library had two displays […]

MPs shouldn’t work for lobbying companies, simple

There are some things that you shouldn’t need to say, but unfortunately you have to. Here’s one of them: MPs should not work for lobbying companies. It’s blindingly obvious, and it really is that simple. But as was revealed recently, a few MPs do just that. And even worse, some of them are former Ministers. […]

Another State Representative Leaves Political Party, Joins Independents

Representative Norman Higgins marks the fifth state lawmaker to leave a political party this year. There were two elected Independent House members at the start of the last legislative session. But going into their special session later this month, seven lawmakers will not belong to a major political party. On Monday night, Representative Norman Higgins […]

Xi Jinping: ‘Time for China to take centre stage’

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionBBC China editor Carrie Gracie has a look at the Communist Party messages all over Beijing China has entered a “new era” where it should “take centre stage in the world”, President Xi Jinping says. The country’s rapid progress under “socialism with Chinese characteristics” shows there is […]