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U.S. Customs and Border Protection says it doesn’t access remote information on digital devices.

The lax regulations for Border Patrol searches have long been an issue.AFP/Getty Images Agents on the U.S. border have always had more leniency when it comes to searching people’s belongings. After Trump’s immigration ban was announced in late January, reports circulated that travelers’ personal digital devices were increasingly getting searched when they tried to enter […]

When Coulter and O.J. Make News

WMAZ 5:20 PM. EDT July 20, 2017 Is it amusing, fascinating or disgusting that Ann Coulter and O.J. Simpson find themselves making headlines at the same time? Simpson, also known as inmate #1027820 at Lovelock Correctional Center in Perishing County, Nevada, landed back in the limelight last weekend when the eight-hour documentary called “O.J. Made […]

The Alt-Right Implies John McCain’s Cancer Is “Justice” For Opposing Trump

On Wednesday night, the office of Arizona Sen. John McCain revealed that the 80-year-old Republican and longtime politician is suffering from a malignant brain tumor. While many expressed their condolences, some members of the alt-right are saying McCain’s cancer is “godly justice.” Mike Cernovich, a 39-year-old alt-right media personality who regularly appears on The Alex […]

3-in-4 white Democrats find it ‘stressful’ to talk politics with Trump supporters

Three-in-four white Democrats and Democratic-leaning U.S. adults find it “stressful” and “frustrating” to talk politics with people who differ in their views of President Trump, according to a Pew Research poll released Thursday. The June 27-July 9 survey found 59 percent of Americans are uncomfortable talking about Trump with people who disagree with their opinions. […]

The America I love is far better united than it is divided

The age of Trump can be best characterized as a period of uncertainty for many Americans. However, if you are like me and believe in America while also understanding our history as a nation, then you too, would know and believe that we can overcome this period of division and strife as we have in […]

Letters to the editor, July 21: Preserve green space

The Tennessean Published 4:02 p.m. CT July 20, 2017 CLOSE Want to submit your letter to the editor? Here is how. Wochit Letters to the editor: The Story Highlights Readers sound off on the development of Greer Stadium, bail reform and net neutrality. I am no enemy of development. I have a master’s degree […]

what can potential employers ask?

Many questions, including what background checks were done, are still unanswered after the resignation of Greens senators Scott Ludlam and Larissa Waters after they were caught out holding dual citizenship, making them ineligible under the Constitution to hold political office. In an age where personal privacy is hard to maintain, and those drunken photos of […]