Vince Cable: “l was always in the wrong place at the wrong time”

At 16 I was very socially awkward and gauche. Ours wasn’t a happy home – there was a lot of tension between my parents. My mother had a very bad breakdown when I was 11 and she’d only partially recovered. I just switched off when I heard things happening around me that I didn’t like. I retreated into a little ball in my room.

Something happened at 16 which changed my life; I was chosen out of the blue to play Macbeth in the school play. I was baffled – I think the teacher realised there was potential I wasn’t aware of. He was right – I really was able to communicate to an audience. That transformed my way of looking at the world and myself, it gave me great confidence.

Deep down I felt the absence of warmth or affection from my own parents

I would advise myself not to think too much like an actor when I began engaging in political debate. Acting had helped me overcome this massive psychological hurdle of speaking in public but for a long time I approached every political discussion with the idea that I had to have my argument pre-scripted in my head.

I was determined to have an emotionally warm relationship with my wife and children. I was compensating – deep down I felt the absence of warmth or affection from my own parents, though they were very supportive. I’ve had two very happy marriages with two lovely women.

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