We should be alarmed by links to Russia | Reader’s View

Links to Russia should alarm us

Regardless of a person’s political beliefs, all Americans should be alarmed at the increasing amount of incriminating information being discovered regarding the Russian interference in our last presidential election.

It’s an accepted fact that it happened. Anyone who denies that fact is either misinformed or a partisan liar.

Of more importance are the almost daily reports of contacts, both before and after the election, between Donald Trump representatives and Russians.

The main reason there aren’t more congressional Republicans exhibiting outrage is because they are between a rock and a hard place. Most of them rely heavily on the extreme right-wingers who support Trump to remain in office. If they go against Trump, they will face a tough primary battle in the next election and may very well lose.

Thirty percent of Republicans will never leave Trump, just as Nixon had 32 percent approval from Republicans in the aftermath of Watergate. So, again, it’s politics over honesty. Money and power.

What is most disturbing is Trump can pardon anyone at anytime, even before they have been convicted of a crime. So, if the decay and rottenness doesn’t quite make it to Trump, unless Congress can prove impeachable offenses like obstruction of justice, it’s a waste of time and money.

I can honestly say that politics shouldn’t matter in a situation such as this. If it was a Democratic president in the same situation, I would have the same opinion. Treason is treason.

I have said before that Trump only respects money and power.