Where the DNC failed, the DCCC donated all of Harvey Weinstein’s contributions to charity

Even after Harvey Weinstein apologized last week for habitually mistreating women, the Democratic National Committee still just could not bring itself to part ways with the Hollywood tycoon’s money. Rather than donating all of his nearly $300,000 contributions to charity, the organization cut a check for only a fraction of that sum and sent it to other Democratic political groups.

This week, however, another of the party’s campaign arms made a much better decision.

Late Tuesday, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced it had already donated every cent of Weinstein’s $23,225 worth of contributions to a San Francisco-based women’s charity. Granted, Weinstein’s total contributions to the DCCC were much less than his contributions to the DNC, so the financial sacrifice was less consequential for the former. But donating any of the money is an admission it’s tainted, so by its own logic the DNC’s partial return was cynical and inadequate.

As Democrats scramble to distance themselves from Weinstein, a man the party embraced for years, they would be best served by following the DCCC’s lead. That goes for the DNC, which should still shed all the remaining Weinstein cash in its coffers if party leaders care more about doing the right thing than clinging to dirty money.

Emily Jashinsky is a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner.