Where’s Rivenbark? Politics in everything

A handful of readers have written in to urge us to resume running Celia Rivenbark’s column in the New Hampshire Sunday News, or to accuse us of censoring her views because she has lately been so critical of President Donald Trump.

Jim Lagana, Charles Sullivan, and Lou Gagnon submit letters to the editor in today’s paper.

First of all, anyone who thinks we’ve been reluctant to criticize Trump should ask the President what he thinks of us.

Secondly, we have stopped running Rivenbark’s column because it no longer fit. We ran Rivenbark in our Sunday features section because of her humorous look on life. Since the election, she has shifted her focus. She even changed the identifier at the end of her column to acknowledge that she “frequently writes about politics.”

That’s fine, but it is not what we, or our readers, are looking for outside of the opinion pages.

There is more to life, and the Life section, than politics. We certainly do not shy away from publishing contrary political opinions, such as columnists Garrison Keillor, Kathy Sullivan, and frequent guest columns disagreeing with our editorial positions.

But if our finance, or pets, or sports columnists starting writing about politics all the time, readers would be poorly served. We welcome robust political debate, but don’t want to force politics onto every page.

Rivenbark is free to write about whatever subjects inspire her. We may feature her as a guest political columnist on these pages.

We will continue to seek out interesting and informative perspectives on politics and the wide variety of topics we cover.