Who is candidate Roxanne? Greens’ campaign ‘no show’

QUEENSLAND Greens Gympie candidate Roxanne Kennedy-Perriman may be missing in action, or inaction.

With only two days left before polling day, the candidate does not appear to have even visited the Gympie electorate and neither she nor her party have released any contact details for her.

The non-campaign in Gympie has made it impossible for The Gympie Times to obtain a response from her to claims her party is rorting the public funding system for election campaigns and is not seriously offering a candidate here.

LNP candidate Tony Perrett is not alone in accusing the party of running candidates solely to gather public funding of $3.14 a vote for parties and $1.57 a vote for candidates, available to political parties or candidates who receive more than six per cent of the total number of formal first preference votes.

Queensland Greens Brisbane headquarters said it did not give out candidates’ contact details, but on Tuesday undertook to contact Ms Kennedy-Perriman and ask her to contact The Gympie Times to talk policy for the election.

That was 12.04pm Tuesday. Twenty-three hours later, just after 11am Wednesday, no response had been received.

The candidate information published on the Queensland Greens website does not give any residential details so it is not known where she lives or if she has ever even been to Gympie.

The statement says she has worked in business administration and office management in multinational companies and later as a director of her family business.

She says she wants to protect “our land, reef and fauna by reducing land clearing so that we can preserve our unique Australian environment for our kids and their kids.

“I firmly believe there should be more accountability of government to taxpayers and constituents – which is why I support the Greens’ plan to end corporate donations to political parties, stop “cash for access” meetings with MPs and give the Crime and Corruption Commission more teeth to smash corruption.

“The Greens will invest in publicly owned, clean and renewable energy generation – creating jobs and safeguarding us from climate change.

“I want to live in a Queensland with a future for all of us, which is why I’m proud to be standing for the Greens in Gympie.”

In other near Gympie electorates, the Greens are running credible and known local candidates, particularly Nanango candidate John Harbison, an environmental scientist specialising in groundwater assessment, a highly relevant field in a farming electorate, which takes in Gympie region’s significant Woolooga, Kilkivan and Goomeri districts.

“My work has taken me all over Queensland and has made me aware of the impact of mining and other development on farming communities,” his camapgn statement says.

“Before my current role, I worked for over ten years as a soil technician in a horticultural laboratory and as a coal chemist in Central Queensland.

“We need mining to support our economy, but the benefits must flow to the community and not at the expense of forever losing productive farmland, water resources and unique ecosystems.”

Mr Harbison drew top spot on the Nanango electorate ballot paper, ahead of LNP deputy leader Deb Frecklington, One Nation’s Douglas Grant and Labor’s Benjamin Rankin.

To Gympie’s south, Nicklin is contested by (in ballot paper order) the LNP’s Martin Hunt, Greens’ Mick Tyrrell, One Nation’s Steven Ford, independents Rachel Radic and Tony Moore and Civil Liberties, Consumer Rights and No-Tolls candidate Jeffrey Hodges.

Noosa is contested by well known independent and former Noosa councillor Sandy Bolton, One Nation’s Eve-Marie Whiteside, independent Robin Bristow, the LNP’s Glen Elmes, Labor’s Mark Denham, the Greens’ Phillip Jenkins and independent Aaron White.

Gympie candidates in ballot order are One Nation’s Chelle Dobson, Labor’s Tracey McWilliam, Ms Kennedy-Perriman, the LNP’s Tony Perrett and independent Donna Reardon.