Who says who’s unfit to serve? | Opinion

Perceiving in him a reflection of her attacker, Harvey Weinstein, it’s easy to understand why Ashley Judd would freak out over Donald Trump’s election. Why, though, did she wait to settle upon this surrogate? Why didn’t she come forward when Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey said “Me, too,” about Bill Clinton?

One would have to be incredibly naive to think Trump never, ever behaved in the manner he spoke of on the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape, and while such is certainly among the reasons not to have voted for him, it’s likely that Trump’s election – and the Clintons’ influence thus reduced – is why Harvey Weinstein has finally been outed.

After all, Weinstein’s was protected by his media and political connections as well as his industry power. Hillary Clinton was just one of the deplorable Democrats who suckled at Weinstein’s bosom and who stood silent on this “open secret.”

Thus, Hillary has enabled at least two sexual predators, three if you count encouraging her friend to stand by the congressman formerly known as Carlos Danger.

But, wait! There’s more! It has also emerged that the FBI withheld information on Clinton Foundation involvement in the purchase of American uranium by Russia’s Rosatom-Tenex nuclear energy firm. Moreover, as reported by The Hill (Oct. 18) the Obama Justice Department might have kept an FBI asset from testifying about the Rosatom-Clinton connection to Congress.

So, two of the most talked about reasons for not voting for Trump – sexual misconduct and questionable Russian connections – turn out to be two reasons not to vote for Clinton.

Indeed, novelist-turned-political commentator Roger L. Simon of Pajamas Media has suggested that the outing of Weinstein occurred because there are rumblings about another run by Hillary in 2020, an event Trump has hailed as his being “thrown into that brier patch.” With such sycophantic talking heads as MSNBC’s Chris Hayes and Stephen Colbert at CBS treating her like the grande dame of the party, Democrat powerbrokers wanted a reminder that would invite the very comparisons listed above.

But that’s not why I asked you here today. The Tribune likes us to keep things local if we can and we just happen to have a local brouhaha that raises questions about fitness for public trust.

Consider local Hillary Clinton sycophant: the ever self-promoting Idaho Democrat rising star and – thankfully – soon-to-be-former Lewiston City Councilor Jesse Maldonado.

When it was revealed that city council candidate Greg Follett tried to purchase cocaine, Maldonado pronounced him unfit to serve on the Historical Preservation Commission. If that consequence sounds a little bit like Arlo Guthrie being declared unfit for military service because of littering, your hearing is pretty good.

Of course, Maldonado’s objective wasn’t the commission seat but to narrow the field for this fall’s city council elections. That field far exceeds the number of open seats, thus threating the political career of Maldonado’s crony, Bob Blakey. Follett’s peccadillo made him an easy target for cheap-shot artist Maldonado.

Blakey is the Mortimer Snerd of the Democratic cabal that’s taken over the city council, occupying the knee opposite “Charlie McMaldonado” on John Rusche’s lap. Blakey has rubber-stamped enshrining needless restrictions on businesses, the attack on smokers and the council’s cold-hearted curtailment of the ROC, kowtowing to the vested interests Blakey opposed when he was a freshman council candidate.

As for Maldonado, besides his copy-paste lawmaking and his complicity in leading the council away from its mission to serve all Lewistonians, he was a willing participant in his party’s shafting of presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.

According to caucus worker Michelle Cone, there was “shady business at (the 2016) Nez Perce County caucus involving Clinton supporters, most notably Jesse Maldanado [sic].” Cone detailed on Facebook Maldonado’s attempted to stack the deck for Hillary, and how she reported him to Pete Gertonson, who stopped the attempt.

What makes a person unfit for public trust? Putting party and political ambition above the public.

At first Maldonado’s despicable tactic worked and Follett attempted to step out of contention. After some soul searching and a show of public support, though, Follett is back in the Lewiston City Council race.

The voters, not the boys in the smoke-free room, will determine Follett’s fate. Good for him if he wins the seat now occupied by Blakey.

And if Maldonado’s seat gets hit on his way out the door? Well, so much the better.

Hennigan, of Lewiston, is an instructional technology administrator at Lewis-Clark State College. His email address is [email protected].