Why not impeach the Olympia City Council?

First our governor was shown a fool by dictating his personal demands on an Eastern state and its population over their legislation for which he has no standing. Then our state’s attorney general and a Seattle judge are shown the fools that they are by the Supreme Court decision regarding constitutional legality of the Trump immigration ban. Now the Olympia City Council is showing themselves fools for considering impeachment of President Trump.

When does the Olympia City Council plan on addressing the local issues to which it has jurisdiction? When are they going to do the jobs that they were voted into office to perform? When do they clean up the city, get the drugs off the streets, make our community a safe locality in which to live?

When do they plan to direct their attention to their own tasks and stop wasting the Olympia taxpayers’ money on endeavors that are meaningless progressive grandstanding?

Impeachment should begin here at home as we have far too many politicians who don’t know what their own jobs are, much less the duties of those higher in the political spectrum.