Yeah yeah…another political question on an outdoor website…

Political post on an outdoor sight?
I see no problem!
But that’s just me! LOL!

He makes some pretty good points.

Bet Jesse Jackson, Al “Not-So” Sharpton. “Loopy” Louie, Samuel L. Jackson and “Whoopi” Goldberg would call him an “Uncle Tom”.

That was my point all along about Kaepernick! Had a contract worth millions and blew it off to worry over some trivial crap that didn’t affect him anyway!
What an ID-10-T!!!

BUT….we all need to at least be AWARE of some (most?) of the trivial crap.
What’s the old saying?
“…Forewarned is forearmed!…”
Some of that, “keep your head down and your eyes on the work, but know what’s going on around you!”.
Being blindsided hurts!