Your Views: Trump’s behavior not surprising. Ryan’s silence is. | Letters to the Editor

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

This well-known quote should be emblazoned on Rep. Paul Ryan’s office wall. President Trump’s despicable behavior should be of no surprise to anyone if they watched him in action during the campaign. He’s made numbing attacks on the independent judiciary, on law enforcement and against his own staff, even calling those who do not applaud his speeches traitors. His endless need to turn Americans against one another and throw red meat to his most ardent supporters does not surprise me in the least.

What is most surprising and disheartening is that so many responsible and moral Republicans, especially Ryan, who I am certain knows that what this president is doing is wrong, refuse to stand up and speak out against it. If Ryan does not have the political will or moral backbone to speak out against these outrages, then he has no business in political office and should retired.